Batman (im_a_hot_dancer) wrote in modchips,

anithr question

question, those of you with modded xboxes, how long have you hadded them modded?

i ask because one person i talked to about modding said you constantly need to be tweaking stuff to keep it working properly and it turned out be more hassle than its worth

and another friend said he got his modded at some store in his area and it worked fine for a month or so then the whole xbox stopped working.

are these normal occurances? i know if you solder the wrong thing or somethin you can fuck p yer box bad, but does it happen often where it works a while then just breaks completely?

im just worried cuz i'd really like to mod my xbox but i dont have alot of money to just be spending on a new xbox so i was just wondering if its worth it, or am i onna have to constantly tweak it or if itll make my xbox just stop afte a few months?
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