linus (linus_of_hate) wrote in modchips,

hello hello

i'm new to this place even though i've been here befor.
anyways ,
i really hope anyone can help me here .

i bought two xcuter 2.6 lite chips , i installed the first one in a xbox 1.1
no problems what so ever. the second was to go into my friends x-box which was
a 1.0 well i got it closed up and powered it on . it powered itself off 3 times
in a row the last of which it came back on but the eject botton light was flashing
green and red . so long story short , i ended up messing up the xbox by soldering
and resoldering the chip in place . so i went out and got another xbox this one being
a 1.4 (i think) i put the chip in and fired it up. the same thing happed powered itself
on then off 3 times then blinking green and red . so i think it's my soldering ?
so i redo it a couple of times and it's still acting the same way . i should mention in
here that all these xboxs would work just fine with the mod chip in the "off" position
on the switch or if i unhooked it .

i decide to test out my other chip on the one working xbox so all i do is change the
chip on the harness plug thing. the working chip makes it work and the non-working
one messes up. so i decided it's the chip. i write a few times about
a refund or replacement for the non-working chip . i get a big run around including
a series of emails that kept telling me to email the other address to get help
because the one emailed wasn't the email address that handled refunds but ,
when i would email the one they told me to in that one they' point at the
other one and back and forth for like 4 weeks or so .
i emailed everything to do with mod chips and went on forums and everything else
no one responded to my cry's for help and i didn't get a refund or replacement .

i give my friend my xbox modded with a 120gig drive in it because
it works and i burned out his.

so i let some months go by because i was frustrated
to say the least.

i get a spider chip because i heard it was a good product . i went through
again because it was easy and i figured the spider chip would work .
well i was really wrong . i installed it on a 1.0 xbox and all it does is
the same thing the other did power cylcles 3 times then blinks green and red..
i pop off the little wire thing and the xbox fires up into the MS xbox bios .

so now i am at a complete loss do i have yet another bad mod chip ?
is the cromwell bios screwed ?

i hope you guys can help me out because,
i have no idea what the hell is going on
and i can't seem to find out ANYWHERE !

i am not ordering from ever again i can tell you that much

thanks for your time and everything
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