oceandonkey (oceandonkey) wrote in modchips,

help! evo m8 bios problems

I have xbox ver 1.0, with an x-chip (solderless adapter) w/usb support. I put the x-chip in before i loaded a bios and it would boot to the Cromwell main menu and all was fine, I took the chip out, tried to load the Evo m8.bin and when I put the chip back in, the ring light on teh front of the xbox goes from Red > Orange and it stays at orange and I never get any video at all. If i take the x-chip out my xbox works perfectly.

I'm stil a noob at this kinda stuff, so mebbie i missed a big important step somewhere?

Also when I try to restore the defaults back to teh x-chip by [File > Load RAW] and then loading the full.bin it either locks up the x-chip controller program or blue screen's my comptuer and reboots when I try to [write changes]

anyone have any idea what I might have done/not done

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