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a few questions....

ok, hi, I'm new here and I have some questions. sorry if theyre dumb, but I'm new to all this. for the past few years I've played nothing but a few select games on nintendo and playstation and a few emulators on my PC. well as of recently ive decided i need an xbox, mostly due to SW: KOTOR, SW: KOTOR II, and Fable, and also a few weeks ago I met this guy who had like 5 emulators and 600 Roms on his xbox, plus a bunch of xbox games, right on the xbox. So between all thisI finally decided this is all way too good to pass up.

ok, so, enough history, now the questions.

-how exactly do i do all that? i mean, i know i need a mod chip of sorts, but where do i get one, which do i get?

-how do i get the roms/emulators ont he xbox?

-how do i get xbox games on the xbox?

-how do i get save states from places such as gameFAQs on my xbox?

-i've read a few FAQs but nothin really answered exactly what i needed, but i never saw anythign about macs, everything said 'transfering from PC" or "using yer window based OS...", can i still do shit even though i now have a mac?

-what are the chances of completely wreckign my xbox by using a modchip?

-how hard are they to instal/use?

-do i NEED a new harddrive or is it just recomended? how much space does an xbox game take up? an emulator? a typical rom? do xboxes use normal PC type harddrives or are there special xbox hard drives?

-i saw someone else on here got cooling fans for their xbox, is that needed? i play mosly RPG/action type games and i do tend to play for like 7-9 hours at a time, so is a cooling fan needed at all?

-what other cool shit can i do to/with the xbox?

hmm, i think thats it, but if theres any other info youd like to share with me would be wonderful....
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